Museum of the Maidan replenishes funds

The National Museum of the Revolution of Dignity is looking for materials related to recent historical events to replenish collections. We will be grateful for the material and intangible evidence of the Maidan. We are interested in material items and oral references to the Revolution of Dignity, the Orange Revolution, the Revolution on Granite and other protest actions, fight for human rights, the will of citizens and the independence of Ukraine, in particular:

• personal things of the heroes of the Heavenly Hundred;

• personal belongings and self-defense items of protesters;

• means of armament and things of everyday life of soldiers;

• artifacts of protest art, thematic painting;

• supplies and materials for medical assistance;

• elements of barricades;

• Exciting, important and beautiful photo and video events on Maidan

• propaganda materials and symbols (flags, banners, posters, etc.);

• personal stories, living testimonies related to events on the Maidan;

• Artifacts from protest cells - House of Trade Unions, Ukrainian House, Kyiv City Council, October Palace, Hotel Ukraine, St. Michael's Cathedral, hospitals, institutions by regions.

Please reach out to us via, or by phone at +380935037288, +380997175995, +380675082639.