Our vision of Maidan and Museum is conveyed in our logo: a square that transforms into a circle. 

From “sharp angles” to mutual understanding: it is a symbol of political, social and mental transformation and improvement.
• Focal Point: the Museum and Memorial of the Revolution of Dignity will appear at the very heart of historical events. Maidan have already been a central point of society and state’s renewal many times. 
• Target: It reminds us about the threats to democracy, about the victims, who were defenseless in front of the firearms, about the conscious sacrifice for the sake of freedom.
• A drop in the ocean: an image that became popular during the Revolution of Dignity. It compares people with the ocean. Every community consists of separate human beings, just like the ocean consists of drops. Important social events resonate with people, just like the waves that ripple on water, when something falls into it. 
• Independence Monument: from a bird’s eye view, the symbolic monument in the center of the capital looks like: a square pedestal, surrounded by a circle of steps.