International cooperation

Initiators and organizers of the Maidan Museum have received support from many international cultural institutions and experts, in particular from: Linda Norris (Fulbright scholar, and author of the blog The Uncatalogued Museum, USA); Sara Bloomfield (director of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, USA); Elaine Gurian (former deputy-director of the National Museum of American Indians in Washington, DC, former deputy-secretary of the Smithsonian Institution, USA); Johannes Rasmussen (secretary of the Baltic Initiative and Network, Denmark); Basil Kerski (director of the European Solidarity Center, Poland); Zbigniew Gluza (head of the KARTA Center, Poland); Robert van Voren, a Dutch human rights activist and political scientist; Franklin van der Pols, advisor development and strategy at the National Military Museum in Soesterberg (The Netherlands), and many others.